Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Access Cards

For those that are still having issues with their cards, please read the following:

DMU Student and Staff cards are centrally programmed by DMU Security, meaning that some cards may take a while to be updated and the MTI team cannot change your access rights. If you think your card is not letting you in to rooms that it should, please report in person to Security (the one story building opposite Gateway House). 
When placing the cards in front of the readers the reader will flash blue. This will last a few seconds, although slightly longer the first time whilst the access rights are transferred to the card. Please allow the reader that time to update. This blue light transfers updated access rights to the card and checks if you have access to that door. The light will then change to green to allow you through the door, or red on a door you do not have access to. Also, any updates to the system, the access will be slightly delayed as the card is updated again.

Access should be as follows:
  • MTI/MTP Undergraduates - CL00.01-00.03, 00.12, 00.16, 0.43, CTS Studios, PACE MAIN door and PACE 0.4a
  • MTI Postgraduates - As Undergraduate with CL0.19
  • Perf. Arts Undergraduates - CL00.16 and PACE MAIN door and PACE 0.4a