Thursday, 10 January 2013

Concert Wednesday January 16th PACE1 7pm

Andrew Lewis – Wellcome Trust concert

“Andrew Lewis’s new audio-visual work Lexicon is based on a poem written by a 12-year old boy, Tom, in which he tries to articulate his personal experience of dyslexia. By presenting an imaginary sonic and visual journey through the text of the poem, Lexicon explores not only the challenges, but also the life-affirming creative potential that dyslexia, and a fuller understanding of it, can bring. Lexicon is supported by the Wellcome Trust's 'Engaging Science' programme, which aims to use artistic creation as a means of raising public awareness of biomedical science.”
Andrew Lewis (Bangor University) will perform this audio visual work and other acousmatic from the Bangor studio; also the world premiere of Pulse from MTI’s Peter Batchelor who studied with Andrew Lewis.
Pre-concert talk by Andrew Lewis at 3pm in PACE 1.

Andrew Lewis - Dark Glass
Kimon Emmanouil Grigoriadis - Peri-Phonis
Andrew Lewis - Lexicon
Peter Batchelor - Pulse
Andrew Lewis - Penmon Point

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