Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Komposit Young Composers Mentoring Scheme

Komposit is a project, supported by The Firebird Trust, that aims to support composers and musicians. It aims to provide opportunities for musicians to explore different genres, develop their expertise and participate in platforms around the East Midlands. Currently Komposit runs a structured workshop programme for composers and performers. These encourage musicians from all genres to interact and collaborate in the creation of new music. Our Young Composers Mentoring scheme also provides development opportunities with professional musicians and composers. Composer Performer Platforms are an excellent chance for musicians to perform in key venues around the East Midlands. "We are currently expanding our database to music and composition students currently studying in the UK. We would like to provide your students with the opportunity to perform their music at one of our platforms, give them access to professional mentoring and interaction with the public on a professional basis." 

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