Thursday, 12 December 2013

Studio Access During Christmas Break

CTS, Clephan, Courtyard and PACE studios are available as per normal during opening hours through Friday, Dec 20. However, there will be reduced technical support all week and no technical support on the 20th. 

After that, there will be no technical support until the 6th of January.

DMU is formally closed Dec 23 - Jan 1. During this period, out-of-hours access privileges apply around the clock. CTS still be available for those students who have out of hours access. The Courtyard Studio will be available to our year-three's who have filed the paperwork via Dr Battey requesting out-of-hours access. However, all equipment will be powered down. Students who are unsure about how to power up the studio should see a technician in advance for a walkthrough.

PACE is not available during the University Closed period except by special arrangement. 

Please note: in some cases Security will have locked studios in Clephan (even in the week of the 16th). Thus security will need to unlock the studio let you in; your passcard will not be sufficient. Do point this out when you check in with Security.