Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Concert (and presentations) this Wednesday 29th January!

invisiblEARts (Scotland)

invisiblEARts are a group of electroacoustic composers whose primary aim is to nurture acousmatic music-making and performance within Scotland. Formed in 1996 by Simon Atkinson, Robert Dow, Alistair MacDonald and Pete Stollery, with a debut performance specifically conceived for Edinburgh's Filmhouse, they are committed to continued exploration into the presentation of acousmatic music within Scotland and abroad, by creating unique performance situations, using innovative venues and encouraging inter-disciplinary collaborations. invisiblEARts performances include Alte Schnmiede, Vienna; Fylkingen, Stockholm; Rien à voir (13), Montreal; Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival; Swedish National Radio; BBC Radio Scotland; SoundAsArt, and sound in Aberdeen and the Soundings... festival, Edinburgh.

7.00pm PACE Studio 1: a programme of acousmatic music from Scotland, including:
Alistair MacDonald - Scintilla (2013) and Wunderkammer (2010)
Robert Dow - Uncertain Memory (2010)
Pete Stollery - Three Cities (2013) and Still Voices (2005)

9.30am CL00.16 Alistair MacDonald (Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow) will give a talk on his performative, installation and cross-arts uses of Max/MSP (this talk is a must for students taking the Creative Coding module with Bret but open to anyone interested)

3.00pm MTIRL Pete Stollery (University of Aberdeen) will give a talk on Electroacoustic music and sound design for public visitor attractions (this talk is a must for students taking the Installation Art module with Pete but open to anyone interested)

Free - all welcome! Vital for MUST1009 and MUST2003 concert reports!