Friday, 13 February 2015


Here are some highlights of Week 22 activities available to MTI/MTP students. These cover employability and Cultural Exchanges offerings. Some updates may occur prior to the events, so check back here from time to time! 

Monday 23 Feb: 
11.00-12.00 Commercial Awareness Workshop KL2.04 more info
12.00-13.00 Developing your Digital Brand KL 2.04 more info
13.00-14.00 Journals and the Job Market KL 2.04 more info
14.00-15.00 Luke Franks talks about what it takes to be a presenter across TV, radio and online. CL0.01 more info
17.00-18.00 Doc Brown (actor, musician, rapper) ‘In Conversation’ £4 (£3 conc) CL2.13 more info.
18.30-19.30 Intermedial Performance (composition for dancer, cello and Kyma) Trinity House more info

Tuesday 24 Feb:
11.00-16.00 Inspiring Creativity and Enterprise CL3.X more info
11.00-12.00 Being Journal Confident (Accessing journals in the library) KL2.04 more info
13.00-14.30 Referencing KL2.04 more info
18.00-19.00 Phil Beadle (Achieving transformation Results with School Children) CL3.01 more info
19.00-19.40 The Company Experimental present: 'Bridging the Void' -- Film, dance and music interlace to create an immersive and mesmerising sunrise experience. (NB. The performance is followed by a post-show talk). PACE 2 £4 (£3 conc) more info

Wednesday 25 Feb:
09.00-13.00 Get your dissertation or extended report sorted HA3.03  more info
13.00-14.00 Annette Vande Gorne -- leading Belgian electroacoustic composer gives an illustrated talk about her practice. PACE 1 more info
13.00-14.00 Keeping track of your References with Refworks KL2.04 more info
19.00-20.10; 20.30-21.30 Annette Vande Gorne Two concerts of work by the composer and colleagues/students. PACE 1 more info

Thursday 26 Feb:
11.00-12.30 Mapping your Employability Skills KL2.04 more info
11.00-13.00 Pop up Play—Symposium -- Explore how immersive digital technology can be used to create learning opportunities for children and young people. PACE 2 more info
13.00-17.00 Library Archives and Special Collections Open Afternoon KL00.21 more info
15.30-16.30 Pechakucha event as part of Creative Leicestershire—including Samuel Heaton who is going to talk about his experience after graduating from BA Music, Technology and Performance at DMU in 2013. — Clephan. Free wine & nibbles.
19.30-20.30 Philip Mead, Piano Recital -- one of Britain's foremost interpreters of contemporary piano music presents commissioned work by composers. PACE 1 more info

Friday 27 Feb:
13.00-14.00 Steve Sidwell (arranger and composer) 'In Conversation' -- credited on numerous albums (Robbie Williams, Dame Shirley Bassey), advertising campaigns and films, and featured on TV shows (X Factor), Steve talks about his illustrious career. more info CL3.03
14.00-17.00 MUST2005 Sound & Image Screenings/Sharing Session -- come along and see 2nd year Sound & Image work (useful in particular to those considering taking the module next year). CL00.16