Friday, 17 April 2015

Achieving your potential: university and beyond

Monday 27th April  to Friday 1st May in the Kimberlin Library

Centre for Learning and Study Support (CLaSS)

CLaSS is delighted to offer a series of workshops of interest to students who are thinking how to achieve their potential at university and beyond. Come along and meet the CLaSS, Careers, MLC and Library teams who can support you in your work.

27th April: How to be an effective learner
27th April: Effective self management in the workplace
27th April: Building your commercial awareness
28th April: Using social media to develop an online profile
28th April: How to thrive as an introvert
28th April: Reflection for personal development
29th April: How to hold a conversation
29th April: CV, letter writing and email etiquette
29th April: Verbal reasoning skills for psychometric testing
30th April: Mapping your experience and your future career
30th April: The essentials of professional writing
30th April: Self promotion and promotion of ideas in presentations
30th April: Working SMARTER not harder
1st May: PGCE numeracy tests – getting started
1st May: How to work in a group
1st May: Writing a polished personal statement
1st May: How to picture your thinking

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