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Concert Pace 1 Wednesday 13th March

Wednesday March 13th, 2012 7pm
PACE Building, Studio 1, Richmond St., Leicester


Current undergraduates are joined by recent alumni and friends to present a concert which celebrates their activities on the cusp of, or beyond, or surrounding their MTI work. The programme includes:

Ben Ramsay: live improvisation based around processed field recordings and improvised synthetic elements, combining experimental electronica, acousmatic, ambient, IDM and glitch
Chloe Cutler: free guitar improv with ebow and live electronics
Paul James: sound bites and atmospheric sound beds, with heavy use of samples and a theme of science fiction, the mind and space travel).
Ola Szmidt: live looping, including music which reached the finals of Boss Loop Station Championships UK

Entry Free! Come and support current students and alumni!
Part of the concert report series for MUST1009, MUST2003, MUST2007.