Monday, 27 October 2014

Week 6 Activities

Here are some highlights of Week 6 activities available to MTI/MTP students. Some updates may occur prior to the events, so check back here! Remember in particular our Friday music entrepreneurial session.

Monday Nov 3

Interview workshop 10:00 11:00 Q0.11
Resilience and wellbeing workshop 11:00 13:00 CL1.16
LMS - CV Writing 12:00 13:00 Q0.12
LMS workshop - Making contact with the Film Industry: Placements and Internships 12:00 14:00 CL0.17
LMS - CV Writing 13:00 14:00 Q0.11
LMS workshop - Rachel Gledhill: Human Resources ITV News and Current Affairs 14:00 16:00 Q1.10
WBL - Year 1 placement talk 14:00 16:00 GH3.13
Manic Music Productions Music Industry Seminars: music industry solicitor presenting on music law and careers. Free, but registration required at this Eventbrite link.18:00 21:00 TBA

Tuesday Nov 4

Improve your employability with Linkedin11:0013:00GH3.13
Using the Internet to improve your employability10:0011:00GH3.54
Finding jobs in the hidden jobs market11:0012:00GH3.54
Interview workshop10:0013:00HU3.04
LMS workshop - Bauer Media - Getting into the Media 

Do you want a career in the media but don’t know where to start? Are you interested in Journalism, Marketing, Digital or Radio? Bauer Media want to invite you to gain an insight into getting involved in a multi-platform media company. Bauer Media is a UK-based media Group with two main divisions – Magazines (including Grazia, Heat, Kerrang! and Empire) and Radio (including Kiss 100 and Magic 105.4). This session will help you find out more about the roles that exist and give you some top tips on how to kick start a career in media. If you have questions about what experience you need, how to break in to the industry or just want to hear about what each role entails, then come along to this fantastic event with the people who have been there and done that across Bauer’s Magazines and Radio Stations. The sessions must be booked in advance, using this link, using this link.
Bauer Media - Getting into the Media (reprise of the 11:00 workshop described above)13:3015:00HA2.08
Interview workshop14:0017:00CL0.17
LMS workshop - CV writing14:0015:00Q0.15

Wednesday Nov 5

Leicester Media School Launch Celebration:
13.45 — Official Opening, Bede Island, DMU campus (pre-booking required and now closed)
14:00 — Special guest lecture by Terry Bamber (pre-booking required and now closed)
15:00-16:00 — LMS showcase from staff and students in Queens and Bede Island, open to all!

Thursday Nov 6

Personal Tutor Meetings (details to be emailed separately)

Friday Nov 7

Personal Tutor Meetings (details to be emailed separately)

MTI Alumni/Entrepreneurial session – 14:00-16:00 – CL0.17

UK Young Artists Festival — various free events all day around Leicester, including:
Joe Snape – Lärmlicht #5 – PACE Building 5.30pm and 9.30pm

Saturday Nov 8

More UK Young Artists Festival