Monday, 22 February 2016

MTI Enhancement Week (March 1-3 2016)

For this year's Enhancement Week (week 22), fMTI has put together special student events for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

***We hope to see as many students as possible at all three of these events!***

Tuesday March 1st, 2pm, PACE Studio 1: Workshop by Mark Towers, who will be demonstrating some of his performance sequencers from the Arcade Series for Max4Live (Ableton and Max/MSP). In this workshop students will be introduced to the processes involved in creating the devices, and will experiment performing with various control surface integration.” The workshop will be followed by an informal performance.

NOTE: Please let us know about your intention to attend the workshop by emailing james.andean[at]

Wednesday March 2nd, 7pm PACE Studio 1: MTI conert series - 
'From the Ridiculous to the Sublime'
Works by Leigh Leigh, Simon Emmerson, and James Andean:

Thursday March 3rd, start time approx 6pm: Student-led event at the Music Cafe
(New Park Street, off Braunstone Gate)

This will be an informal, student-run event, presenting student performances and all sorts of fun stuff.

NOTE: If anyone would still like to sign up to perform at this, please check out the Facebook working group: - or contact james.andean[at]

Of course, enhancement week also coincides with the University’s Cultural Exchanges Festival, at which there are several arts-related talks which you should investigate. Most require booking, so please check the schedule for relevant information:

You should also check out the CLASS activities for any study skills training you feel would be useful: Third years in particular might find the 1st March 9-1 ‘Get your Dissertation or Extended Report Sorted!’ opportunity helpful.

Any questions, contact james.andean[at]