Monday, 22 February 2016

MTI Concert Series 2015-16: From The Ridiculous to the Sublime

Wednesday March 2nd 2016, 7pm

From the Ridiculous to the Sublime: Music by Landy, Emmerson, Andean

PACE building
Free entry

'From the Ridiculous to the Sublime' will present works by two of MTI's most esteemed members, and by the most recent addition to the MTI team, including primarily premiere and UK premiere performances.

Leigh Landy: Quadlibet (premiere)
James Andean: Déchirure (UK premiere)
Simon Emmerson: Memory Machine (concert premiere)
James Andean: Hyvät matkustajat
Simon Emmerson: Aeolian (UK premiere)

Performers: Danni Spooner, Joey Mottershead, Kat Pattison, Leigh Landy, Simon Emmerson, James Andean