Monday, 30 March 2015

Audiosplitter: The Story of a London Tech Start-Up

When: Thursday 30 April 5.30pm - 7.00pm    
Where: Co-working space at The Innovation CentreBook: Eventbrite
What is audiosplitter?
Audiosplitter is the place to discover great music with people who love it most. Through audiosplitter you can curate an online music collection, connect with music lovers and discover great music. 
Audiosplitter was founded by three Londoners working in the electronic music was built because they couldn’t find an existing music platform that had the quantity of the music they wanted to listen to or an easy way of finding more of it.
They realised they were looking for something that felt like a local record store. With their huge but cleverly curated collection of music and the amazing knowledge of the people who spend time in record stores they had the perfect idea for what they wanted audiosplitter to feel like.
About the event
In this talk Will, Adam and James talk about their journey so far and give the audience the opportunity to help test their product.
There will be time for networking before the event closes at 7pm.
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