Monday, 2 March 2015

LLEAPP Festival, March 4 - 6th 2015

PACE, Phoenix Café Bar & Leicester Hackspace

LLEAPP (Laboratory for Laptop and Electronic Audio Performance Practice) is a collective of musician-researchers based in Edinburgh. It is run on the basis of a 3-day practice-led symposium, discussing tactics and strategies for collaborative play, a series of open rehearsals, and finishes with a performance each day.
LLEAPP started in 2009 at the University of Edinburgh, has since been held at different universities across the UK, and is being hosted this year by De Montfort University, Leicester.
Among featured guests will be Hong Kong-based Takuro Lippit (aka DJ Sniff), a turntablist working in the field of improvised and experimental music; cellist and string arranger Audrey Riley whose work ranges from The Smiths to the Merce Cunningham Dance Company; Swedish noise artist Max Wainwright; mobile artist Steranko; and John Richards with members of the Dirty Electronics Ensemble.

LLEAPP all participants: Owen Green, Taku Lippit, Max Wainwright, Steve Jones, J Richards, Amit Patel, Jim Frize, Sam Topley, Audrey Riley

Wednesday 4th March 2015
13:00 -14:00 – Seminar with Takuro Lippit + Owen Green (University of Edinburgh) MTIRL, Clephan Building
14:00 -18:00 – Open rehearsals in the PACE Studio 1
19:00Concert 1, PACE Studio 1 (all LLEAPP)

Thursday 5th March 2015
9:00 -12:00 – Breadboard Workshop with Jim Frize (Sonodrome) + DMU students at Leicester Hackspace (meet PACE @ 9.00 am)
9:00 -15:00 – Open rehearsals PACE Studio 1, DMU (LLEAPP)
21:00 - 21:30 – Q&A with Jenny Walklate + LLEAPP musicians The Real Junk Food Project, Leicester in the Phoenix Café Bar.
21.30 - late Concert 2, feat DJ Sniff + Breadboard Workshop + LLEAPP musicians in the Phoenix Café Bar.

Friday 6th March 2015
9.00 - LLEAPP get-in/rehearse PACE Studio 1
10:30 - 12:00 – Open rehearsals/workshop (MUST1008). Mobile music feat Steranko, Dushume, DMU students, PACE Studio 1
12.00 - 13.00 Pay-As-You-Feel Food provided by The Real Junk Food Project, Leicester on the PACE Mezzanine.
13:00 - 14:30 – Lunchtime Concert 3, PACE Studio 1 + mobile music performances
14:30 - 15:00 – Breakdown
17:00 - Social


Leicester Hackspace is a venue for makers of digital, electronic, mechanical and creative projects.
The Real Junk Food Project is a pioneering UK movement that re-purposes food thrown away by supermarkets.
For further information and details of featured artists, please contact Steve Jones at Jack Richardson or John Richards