Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Concert PACE 1 Wednesday March 18th 7pm MTI Mix 4

Continuing our 15th birthday celebration – more works from our amazing team. The UK premiere of Simon Atkinson’s GRM (Paris) Commission and works by masters and doctoral students - David Holland’s piece was a finalist for the Bangor Dylan Thomas Prize 2014, Sam Topley performs her invented instruments - audio-visual, performance, acousmatics, story telling, soundscape and more -
Simon Atkinson                  Nocturne aquatique
David Holland                       The Force
Francesc Marti                    Speech 1
Panos Amelides                 The Pain(t)
Sam Topley                          untitled
Sam Warren                                    Shift
Robin Parmar                      Caged Bird
All welcome! Entry Free!
Last opportunity this term for an item for your concert reports! MUST1009, MUST2003 and essential for projects and composers too!