Thursday, 5 March 2015

Guests during Out of Hours in Queen's

Advice for students bringing guests into Queen's' Creative Recording Studios (CTS) during Out-of-Hours

For Health and Saftey requirements regarding the the CTS in Queen's, all students
who are planning to bring in guests (e.g. members of a band or their own band,
guests of DemonFM, etc.) to record in the CTS during 'Out-of-Hours' must advise Security
24 hours in advance, that guests will be working in the pre-booked studio(s).

This can be done by sending an email to Security. The student who has made the booking on the booking system must keep a record of the names of each guest including phone numbers and email addresses.

Before the start of the session all guests have to be registered at Security (Estates Building) handing in a paper listing the required details, including the room number of the studio(s) they are working in and an expected time of departure.

At the end of a session Security must be informed that all guests have vacated the building. The latter can be done using the phone at the rear entrance to Queen's.

In case of questions, please get in touch with one of the technical demonstrators in either Queen's (Q1.38) or Clephan (CL00.06) or via email (audiotech).